Happy Sysadmin Day 2021!

Happy Sysadmin Day 2021!

What is Sysadmin Day you may ask?

It first began back in July 2000 and was created as an annual event to celebrate the work that IT Workers do. It is normally celebrated on the last Friday of July each year.

How did it start?

It started when Ted Kekatos (a renowned sysadmin) noticed the celebrations Hewitt Packard gave to their Printer Engineers for showing their appreciation for the printers they had installed. They would receive flowers, fruit-baskets, and other gifts from co-workers as a gesture of good will for their work.

How can I show my support on this day?

Most IT Workers aren’t going to expect flowers or gifts but be sure to just thank them for the work they do for you.

IT Workers can have a tough job sometimes, as their work often comes into play when someone has a problem that is preventing them from working.

Happy Sysadmin Day from our Team at Care Computers!

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